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Back to the Pool

Me circa 1994 at the Tall Timber League finals meet in Junction City.

Me circa 1994 at the Tall Timber League finals meet in Junction City, representing the Toledo Swim Club.  Check out those sweet rainbow goggles!

In such times as these, I’m glad my parents signed me up for swim team as a little squirt.  I spent a good ten years swimming laps between the ages of 7 and 17.  It was my first sport and my first love.

Since joining the running camp, I’ve sort of given up swimming for the past few years.  However, now that my foot hurts every time I lace up my running shoes, I’ve been motivated to jump back in the pool.  Fortunately the Philomath pool is less than a mile from my house so I can easily bike there.  So I have been getting up early for their twice-weekly 6 a.m. lap swim times and putting in a few thousand yards before heading back to do chores at the farm.

The funny thing about swimming laps at the Philomath pool is that I used to race at meets there as a kid.  Our summer league competed there and my high school swim team as well. Back then, the pool bottom was painted nasty yellow and the facility was windowless, ugly space.  We always dreaded meets at Philomath.  They have installed a lot more windows in the last 10 years, thank goodness.

While I’m in marathon shape, I am definitely out of swimming condition.  It’s such good exercise though, and a good reminder why I had such strong arms and shoulders in high school.  I hope to keep swimming even once my doctor clears me to run again.  Hey, maybe I’ll do another triathlon if I ever get the time!




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