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Whatever Floats Your Vote

It’s election day and most of the world is sitting on the edge of their seats to see if we’ll have this (thanks Carly!) or this in the White House. I, however, am lying smack in the middle of my couch with a cold, dutifully at home to answer the doorbell to all the Obama canvassers who want to make sure I voted.

For once and for all, folks….yes I voted. Yes, for Obama. And yes, I actually was clever enough to take that ballot down to the courthouse and stick it in the slot! Please stop ringing my doorbell because I’m not a particularly pleasant sight in sweats, hair all a mess, and other signs of having done absolutely nothing productive with my day.

In better news, I have finally acquiesced to all of you who got down on your knees and begged me start a blog. I felt that I could no longer, in clear conscience, deny the world the pleasure of my witty and intelligent way with words, or the fascinating details of my fast-paced life, or the clever photography documenting my almost daily adventures. So, here it is, folks. I do not promise to wow you. I hope not to bore you. But I hope you will say hi if you find my blog and enjoy it.

And in parting, I give you a butternut:



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