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Red’s Meadow

I’ve been going through some old photos of my college days and found some pictures of the summer I worked at Red’s Meadow Pack Station in Mammoth Lakes, California.

My friends are heading down there this week to start the summer at Red’s.  I look forward to seeing photos of all their adventures and hearing the stories that are sure to abound.   Keith and I are planning a backpacking trip to the High Sierras over the 4th of July, so maybe we’ll see them all soon!

Here’s a shot of me on the way to Ediza Lake, packing supplies in for a group of artists.


Mariah, Savannah and I goofing around on the big, gentle draft-cross horses.


A mule named “Head”.  Can you see why?!



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How ‘Bout them Cowgirls?

It’s that time of year again!  The rain is pounding the plains of western Oregon, but down in Bishop, California it’s 95 degrees and the mules are awakening from their long winter slumber.


It’s the time of year when all good cowgirls and cowboys get in their pickups (and compact cars) and migrate towards the Eastern Sierra Nevada mountains of California.


Saddle up your ponies…we’re going to Bodie!


The biggest, baddest gold-mining town of the 19th century, Bodie was all saloons and no churches.   It’s a three day ride on horseback from Bishop, California, through high desert plains still populated by wild mustangs.


See those little ant-sized dots?  Those are mustangs.  I know this because all our riding horses ran away with them last year and became little ant-sized dots themselves.  True story.

After the Bishop to Bodie ride, we’re gonna get ourselves back down to town for Mule Days in Bishop.  We’ll proudly carry the Red’s Meadow colors in the Mule Days parade,  create chaos in the drill team, and win lots of packing and shoeing events.   Just doin’ what we do best.

jared and team IMG_7619

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