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Penning like the Pros

This Monday, Mariah, Savannah and I took the horses to the Albany Fair/Expo Center and tried our skills at team penning.

Since nobody has a clue what I’m talking about when I describe team penning, I’ll try to explain: It’s a cattle sorting competition. A team of three people on horseback ride into the herd of cattle in the arena. As they start, the announcer calls out a number from 1-6. The riders have to find the three cows with that number on their backs and sort them out from the rest of the herd. They have 90 seconds to do that and get them down to the other end of the arena and into a pen.

It’s a lot of fun to watch people compete when they know what they’re doing! There were some great riders and excellent horses there this week. The girls and I, however, were not so good at it. Granted our horses had never seen cows before…that is a little bit of a hurdle to overcome. We spent most of our 90 seconds trying to keep the horses from running away from the cattle! Next time we’ll do better…and there will be a next time. These cowgirls don’t quit!


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