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I used to think that everyone wrote in their Bible.  Underlining, highlighting, revelations scrawled in the margins.  I grew up in world where my peers covered their Bibles in duct tape and Billabong stickers.  My dad’s red leather Revised Standard Version suffered chronically from a broken spine and the pages were always falling out.  Some of the pages of my pocket-sized Bible are nearly unintelligable from coffee-spills and water damage from the time I lost it in a mud puddle in the Dominican Republic.

I’ve since learned that some people like to keep the pages of their Bibles pristine.  This is probably out of respect for the Word of God, and it’s cool.  Just a little impractical for the coffee-addicts among us.  I guess I adhere to the same philosophy with my Bible as I do with my diamond wedding ring.  I love it, don’t wanna be without it, so I don’t leave it at home even when I’m gonna get it dirty.

Keith has a sweet way of marking up his Bible.  Check out those yellow marks on the tops of the pages.


That means he’s read those pages.  I’m not sure what he’s going to do when he re-reads a page.  Blue highlighter?    There’s a few pages somewhere around Nahum that haven’t been marked yet.   I won’t hold it against you, babe.

I like to see a well-worn Bible.   Looking forward to when the pages start falling out of mine…


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