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Three Thousand Feet of Pipe

A recent project of ours has been laying pipe on our leased acreage.  I couldn’t get livestock out on pasture until I had a way to supply them with water, so I waltzed on down to the local irrigation store.  I think it’s safe to say that not very many people in my small town buy 1.5″ polypipe by the length of 3,000 feet, because they kind of looked at me funny.  Then they sent a semi truck to the farm with ten huge rolls of pipe.

That’s about the time I started sweating.

Because: oh my gosh – I have 3,000 feet of plastic pipe sitting outside of the barn.

And: I have a bill for $2,100 in my hand.

And: holy crap – I guess I’m really farming now.

It turns out that laying pipe is not very difficult.  It’s a full day of work to unroll that much pipe across two fifty acre fields, but there’s no better way to get an early Spring farmer’s tan.

(Next purchase: a marvelous new fashion trend called “tanktops”)

If we were ever debating the merits of buying the four-wheeler, that concern was laid to rest on this day.  Keith discovered (with much glee) that he could stack rolls of pipe three high on the ATV and tool around like he was driving a clown car.  It definitely saved time.  It also definitely looked ridiculous.

Trial run with two rolls of pipe:

Final run with three rolls of pipe.

I’m glad to say that I was proven wrong, and it was not in fact, a disaster.

We now have excellent water pressure filling stock tanks of the distant end of our field.  All in a day’s work!



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