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A Day in the Life of a Farmer (Winter Edition) – Wednesday

Everyone always asks me what my days look like as a farmer.  I find this question really hard to answer for a couple reasons: no two days of the week look alike for me and I feel like the details of my day are pretty mundane.  But I’m starting to realize that for those who aren’t able to live on a farm, a peek into a farmer’s life can be rather fun.

So the following is my week in all its glorious banality.  As I don’t have much time to blog in the summer time, when things are actually incredibly busy and slightly more interesting, I give you a Week in the Life of Rachel/Provenance Farm in the Winter. And yeah, I’m starting in the middle of the week.  Mixin’ it up!

Wednesday 12/5/2012

Up at 5:10 for Parking Garage Bootcamp workout from 5:45 – 6:45.

6:45-7:30 : coffee and a muffin with friend

7:30 – 9:00 : clean my kitchen, have 2nd breakfast (I get hungry yo!) , do a couple loads of laundry, get orders ready for farm store customers and Eugene stores.

photo (30)

9:00 : Go to farm, feed hay to cows, walk the lower pasture to check on river levels and see if my lamb’s hurt leg is healing. See how the laying hens weathered the night and ensure they have enough food.  Hang out in the barn for a few minutes, patting the cats and the Jersey cows.


10:00 : Give a farm tour to a friend visiting from Virginia with her 11 month old son.  Make some sales.  Talk to Beverly for a while.

photo (31)

11:00 : Wash and package eggs and put together Corvallis First Alternative Co-op egg orders.

12:00 : Lunch at home. Make invoices for Eugene and Corvallis store deliveries.  Find an old jump drive so I can take a file to Office Max for printing.  Discover pictures of 7 year old Rachel skiing (with very bad technique) on said jump drive.  Laugh uproariously and email copies to my ski buddies.


1:00 : Load up car with egg crates and coolers, head into Corvallis.  Office Max stop first for the print job and some office supplies.

2:00 : Deliver eggs to both locations of the First Alternative Co-op and chat with the grocery managers.


3:30 : Drive to Eugene.  Suddenly realize it gets dark at 4:30 and I won’t get home in time to collect eggs before nightfall.  Console myself that the hens have plenty of food and I can collect eggs in the morning. Deliver eggs and chicken to Eugene grocery stores. Stop at Coastal Farm and Ranch for some Christmas gifts and look (in vain) for some waterproof gloves that will fit my small hands.

5:30 : Arrive back in Corvallis.  Shop quickly for a white elephant gift for our Ekklesia Christmas party. I decided on an awesome Advent calendar that I actually want for myself.  It has stickers, guys!

advent calendar

6:00 : Run to farm, get the dog, unload all the egg crates and coolers. Run home to change, do my hair and makeup, wrap white elephant gift and warm up some artichoke dip.

6:45 : Arrive late to Ekklesia.

11:00 : We have watched 2 episodes of the Office, 1 episode of Star Trek (Keith), browsed the entire internet (Rachel) and are falling asleep on the couch.  Time for bed.



December 6, 2012 · 10:04 am