C’mon Little Chicks!

photo (39)

The brooder is all set up – shiny new heat lamps are installed, an overhead automatic watering system is in place, mason jars waterers are filled, feeders are set out.

Now where are the chicks?!

My hatchery in California tells me that my 600 Cornish-Cross babies are enroute but transit has been taking two days instead of one.  I’m imagining fluffy yellow chicks standing in long TSA lines at the airport.  It makes me laugh so I don’t worry too much.  I am looking forward to getting them out of their boxes and into their plush new living quarters!



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5 responses to “C’mon Little Chicks!

  1. hahaha!
    I love that image. and i love the brooder. I’ve been wondering if i could just use my 1 gallon chicken waterers but Andy is afraid the chicks will drown. I’ll be using a horse trough for hte first few weeks then some panels for a larger brooder. i like the idea of barricading with hay bales!

    • They need mason jar waterers (or something similar) for the first few days. By day 3 or so, Cornish-Cross chicks have grown so much that they are able to use “big-kid” waterers like the orange Kuhl Bell-Matic hanging waterers that we use in our broiler pens. Here’s a link: http://tinyurl.com/br4rk4q

      Layer chicks take longer to grow and can’t use the big waterers until they’re at least a week or two old.

  2. cool, thanks for the reply! i jus thate how they always kick the bedding into those little waterers. i’ll have to try propping them up on lumber like you did. I can’t wait to try broilers later this year!

  3. Looks great! Any chance you could take a pic of your whole brooder. We have had a problem with crowding in corners. What do you do to prevent that??

    • I’ll post a picture of the whole brooder in my next blog post. We are trying a new thing this year: brooding in a hoophouse. In the past, in our smaller brooders (https://rachelprickett.wordpress.com/2010/05/07/brooder-and-hover-plans/) we haven’t had any problem with crowding into corners. But we only put about 150 chicks in each one. This year I’m putting straw bales to cut off corners, and plywood. If we get crowding, I’ll partition the brooder into smaller sections with fewer chicks in each section. Experimenting…

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