Emmie Loves Herding Chickens

Emmie’s absolute favorite activity is herding chickens.  We never taught her how to do it, she just came built with that amazing border collie instinct. She was clever enough to figure out the process of paddock moves very quickly. She knows that as soon as we fire up the tractor and open the feathernets it is time for the birds to move from the old area into the new area.  The chickens know it too and they do a pretty good job of running straight for the fresh grass.  We move their hoophouses with the tractor and the chickens follow along.  There are always a few stragglers however and in this video there were a lot of dawdlers because we were moving them a long distance across a low-lying area that had become filled with 6 inches of rainwater. They were taking their sweet time, and I made Emmie wait for a few minutes so most of the chickens could get across on their own. She’s very obedient but as you can see, she hates to have to take a break from herding.  She never “talks” likes this unless she wants to herd the chickens.

Emmie herds fast and furiously but she almost never hurts the chickens.  Occasionally she gets frustrated at a wayward bird that won’t go the right direction and she tries to drag it by its wing.  I’m always there to step in and call her off though.


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2 responses to “Emmie Loves Herding Chickens

  1. Tom

    I was playing this when Barbara was in the other room and she started looking all around outside to try to find the crying dog. Cute video.

  2. em

    Really loved this little video of Emmie! Such a cute, helpful and well behaved doggy. Also, I love her name… 😉

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