A Day in the Life of a Farmer (Winter Edition) – Saturday

9:00 : We slept in!  I decided to take today off from formal exercise.  We are both recovering from and fighting colds, so we laze around for a while.  Once we get up, Keith makes me coffee and a delicious breakfast of locally-grown swiss chard on toast with poached eggs. This man is a seriously good cook.  I’ma keep him.

10:00 – 11:30 : We spend some time online researching SUVs and crossovers because we are looking at buying a new vehicle.  We sold the trusty Ford Ranger earlier this week, and are about to sell our car too.  Adios to our first cars!  Can you believe we are still driving our college vehicles?  Frugal, much?

photo (23)

We need a vehicle that meets the following criteria:

  • seats more than 2 passengers
  • has plenty of cargo space for farm deliveries
  • gets decent gas mileage (anything is better than the gas mileage on my beloved Ford F-250, which is awesome but can’t make it to Portland on less than one tank of gas)
  • AWD or 4WD because we gotta get over the pass to Mt. Bachelor every couple weekends in the winter! We have become ski addicts since going through the Ski or Ride in 5 program in February.

Next to farming, my second best skill is researching.  I research the crap out of everything.  So, I’ve been so deep into analyzing crossover SUVs lately that I could practically get a job at Car and Driver.

11:30 – 2 pm : Keith and I head over to the farm and move our two flocks of layers to new paddock spaces.  Fresh grass for everyone!


Setting up new paddock fences for the hens


Moving hen houses while “drinking” a Corona I found floating in the floodwaters in the field


Fresh grass!

Collecting eggs in the pullet house
Collecting eggs in the pullet house

2:30 pm : We head to Vollstedt Tree Farm in Albany with our good friends Jessie and David and their darling little daughter to harvest the perfect Christmas tree.  Keith and I love this place because it’s located on a Polled Hereford farm and you get the full holiday experience:  wagon rides out to the back forty to cut your own noble fir, and then a wood stove to heat your hands on while you drink the complimentary wassail or hot chocolate afterward.  There’s even a vintage sleigh!  If only we had snow instead of mud.


4:30 pm : We throw the tree in the back of the pickup and go look at some SUVs at some Albany dealerships.  We test drove a couple vehicles and then came across the Ford Taurus X.  I wouldn’t normally have entertained the idea of this crossover, but it had more cargo space than a Ford Explorer and got much better gas mileage.  Intriguing.  We went home and researched some more.

8:00 pm : Keith trims the Christmas tree down to size and we bring it into the living room.  It smells so good!  Our living room is quite small but the tree is the perfect size.  I pour myself a glass of wine, and our neighbor Angela comes over with a plate of brie and crackers, along with some fudge.  We decorate the tree and the living room together and it suddenly looks so much more festive!

10:00 – 11:00 pm: We introduce Angela to a few episodes of the Office and a few more glasses of wine and then we part ways and head to bed.

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