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Farm Like a Girl

Fritz and Beverly’s youngest granddaughter, Brooke, is in town for the summer.  She’s quickly becoming my right-hand girl.  Brooke is a smart and fiesty 14 year old, a “quick-study” as Fritz would say.  She is endearing herself to me by her willingness to pitch in and do chores during a rainstorm, stay up til 11pm washing eggs and building brooders with me, join in on the Skunk Wars of 2012, and other general awesomeness.  Brooke says she is currently trying to decide between a future career as a petroleum engineer ($$!) or a vet/farmer (animals!).  Girlfriend’s thinking ahead.

I like having another girl around the place.  I remember being 14 like it was yesterday, don’t you?  It’s a good time of life.




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