My Baby

I have a thing for heavy-duty pickup trucks, and late nineties Fords make my toes tingle.  My love affair with the Ford F-series trucks began when I was probably around 15 and visiting my Uncle Max and Aunt Penny in Lakeview.  I have a distinct memory of  riding down Hwy 140 from Cottonwood Lake in the roomy back seat of their new diesel F-350 Crew Cab, listening to the local country station and watching the sagebrush desert fly by.  In that moment, I wanted it.  I wanted a farm/ranch, a four wheel drive truck, and wide open country spaces.

Just ask Keith – I’ve been looking at Ford F-series pickups online and rubbernecking as we drive by car dealerships the whole time we’ve been together.  And now, I own a farm.  Thus, I need a pickup, right!?  Well, the stars recently aligned and I found myself the exceedingly proud owner of a 1997 Ford F-250.  I realize it’s a little old, it’s not the most fuel-efficient vehicle ever made, and you’re probably thinking this vehicle is not worth all the love I’m pouring into it.  But this truck represents a dream come true for that 15 year old girl inside of me and I’m just going to allow myself to get just a little sentimental over it.

C’mon, admit it, ain’t she a beauty?

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  1. My Dad had a Ford pickup when I was growing up, and somehow driving it always made me feel powerful (because it was big) and cute and womanly (because I was a short teenage girl, not a big tough man). I still feel that way driving my husband’s truck (although I can’t park it to save my life).

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