Good Days and Sunshine

The smile on my face in this photo doesn’t portray the exhaustion I felt at the time.  We were at the tail end of our third 16 hour day in a row, had just butchered 200 chickens and still faced a lot of clean-up.  It was one of the few times I had stopped moving all week.    


But this is the good life.  I wouldn’t trade all the long days of hard work for anything.  (Well, maybe the occasional Caribbean beach vacation with a rum cream.)   

I love this picture because in it, I’m surrounded by my favorite things.  A pot of strong, black coffee, my border collie Emmie, my wonderful husband (behind the camera), a beautiful farm with my animals on the pastures and a house in the background where Beverly has a bowl of chowder warming and Fritz has a hot toddy waiting for me when it gets dark.   

I think this is going to be a very good year.  From the friends who have shown so much support for all our endeavors, to exciting conversations with chefs about the future, things are looking so promising.  There is lots of hard work in the future, but you can bet I’ll still be smiling.


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