Parted Ways

I have a whole folder of photos that make good blog fodder.  Adventures to tell you about.  Like, I learned to ski, and now I can engage enthusiastically when the Safeway cashier says, “Mt. Hood got 44 inches of powder last night!”.  And peaceful-sunsets-over-the-farm photos, that will make you wish you wish your commute was on a Honda Rancher ATV like mine.  And pictures of my .22 Ruger rifle and the target I made to practice shooting in my lower field.  These are all things I do.

But I’m sort of a lazy person and despite spending this whole weekend lounging around, those pictures and accompanying stories still aren’t on this blog.  So, there you go:  I had adventures and there are pictures to prove it.  Trust.

In current news, here’s wassup:

  • Keith is in Singapore for a week – work trip.  He gets to have all the fun. 
  • I brought my .22 rifle home from the farm. Imma shoot you in the kneecaps if you break into my house. Got that, all you opportunistic blog-reading vandals out there?
  • Ran out of coffee today, so I had to endure a pot of decaf.  My eyelid has been twitching like crazy all evening…as though I got all hopped up on 6 pots of caffienated coffee.  What the hell, people?!
  • I have had the laziest weekend in memorable history.  I have a cold and an empty house.  I’ve pretty much only left my sofa for church and chores.  Monday will be a rude awakening. 
  • Discovered the Heartless Bastards last week and that’s pretty much all I’ve been listening to since.
  • The eyelid twitching. Won’t. Stop. Oh my gosh.





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