The Turks

I ran across this video on my computer this afternoon and it made me smile. When we first got turkeys, I never expected to get such a kick out of them.  They are so ridiculously curious about everything and they talk constantly.

Last year, our 75 turkeys kept escaping from their paddock to go on walk-abouts around the farm.  They were safe and happy, so I eventually just let them do as they wished, while keeping an eye on them.

Videos like this make me miss having them around!  Turkeys are so odd and hilarious and have faces only a mother could love.



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3 responses to “The Turks

  1. When you first got turkeys, did you have any trouble with them? Any secrets you can share with a newbie?

    • We never had any problems raising the turkeys. I find them to be very easy, actually. Sorry, I don’t really have any special tips!

      • I did think of one thing: make sure you have really deep, very dry bedding in the brooders. We had more losses when we were buying sawdust from a local bark place. Then we switched to kiln dried shavings from the feed store and we put in a good 4-6 inches in each brooder to start with. Then we add another inch or two every time it starts looking soiled in there. Eventually you will have to shovel it all out (at the end of the brooding season, or when the brooder gets full) but it’s worth it to keep the chicks/poults healthy.
        Also, are your brooders ventilated enough? On hot days, I drop the ends off the brooders and let some air flow through.

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