Breakfast with Friends

Ah blogs.

I began this new year with no real resolutions, except a mild hankering to get back to putting words on the screen.  Yet every time I log on to WordPress, nothing seems to inspire me.  It must be this over-sharing culture we inhabit which beings to make me feel that every paragraph sounds contrived and will be judged (and should be judged).  What more can there be to say?  You’ve already seen it all on Facebook and Twitter.  If, in order to counteract the superficiality of social media, I share my deepest feelings on this blog, it may seem as if I’m trying too hard.  If I posture myself as if I “have it all together”, I will be feeding the myth culture that bloggers create.   Anyway, I don’t have a fancy, overly-expensive DSLR camera, so why bother blogging pictures of my life, right?

Funny, the blogs I love the most are the real ones.  The ones that make you feel like you just got done having breakfast with your friend and you love her all the more for the conversation you just shared.  Sure, she talked about herself and her accomplishments a little too much. Perhaps she looked like a supermodel at breakfast and that made you feel like your hurried efforts at getting dressed that morning were laughable. Maybe she wore her most comfy old sweatshirt, giving you a guilty self-esteem boost for taking time to don your cutest sweater.  But you talked and you shared life.  And you walk away from the moment knowing her that much better and being a closer friend because of it.  

I think that’s how blogs should be, but it’s easier said than done.  

I know this, that when I talk to my friends, we don’t just discuss the farm.  We talk about everything from politics, drinking, running, our family members, vacation plans, dating lives and marriages,  plans for the future, cooking, you name it.  If I only ever talked about one thing, I’d bore people (myself included) to tears.  Which, is basically what has happened to this blog and is one reason why I became completely uninspired.

I bore easily, friends.  If you don’t know this about me, you ought to.  

Here’s to a new year and writing about life. ‘Cause life is a great adventure and it’s also a bit of a bore at times.  And sometimes I show up to it in a cocktail dress and sometimes in my rubber boots.  






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3 responses to “Breakfast with Friends

  1. I think everybody struggles with their blog to some extent! I am always wondering, “is this just stupid nonsense that nobody cares about?” but then I realize that I like reading about everybody else’s little lives, so maybe other people like to read about mine. Trying not to sugar-coat is also hard.

    I love your rubber boots! Both the literal and the figurative ones 🙂

  2. I still swing by and read your blog. I’m glad to know that there are still bloggers out there who aren’t just writing to be heard. Happy New Year to you and Keith and the rest of your farm!

  3. I can’t wait to read what you have to say. I love the ‘real’ blogs too, and it certainly is very hard to do. I have tried, not sure I am anywhere near there. I loved this post though and await what else you have to say 🙂

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