Shoot Me Now

Before all this wicked weather rolled in, there was sunshine and lots of it.  The sunshine will come back.  I have to keep telling myself that or else I’ll curl up in a ball and cry about all this unending infernal mud, wind and damp.  The sunshine will come back.

So, back when the sun was shining on Friday, our friend Joe Murray (see his work here: came out to our place and shot a photo session with Keith and me.    He’s quite talented and so fun to work with!  What could be more awesome than pretending to be a model for 3 hours straight and hiking around in a pasture in patent leather red heels?

Everybody says that owning a farm must be such a romantic occupation.  Why, yes!  Here’s a glimpse into our everyday life on the farm.

*Stifles giggles*



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6 responses to “Shoot Me Now

  1. Mariah

    Your photo’s are great! Both look really good! You guys are awesome. Miss you!

  2. This is exactly why I haven’t planned a dinner date with you all…I’ve been too holed up in my house and sad.

    This winter has nearly killed me.

    Let’s plan that dinner date soon, huh?

  3. Gorgeous pictures! And those red heels are just fantastic.

  4. Mitch

    Rach…the simple fact is, if farm girls were all as pretty as you, a heck of a lot more guys would be interested in farming! 😀 You two almost make raising chickens look glamorous! We miss you and Keith…I think Jill and Danae are working on a “all of us” get together…would love to see you soon! Big hug… 🙂

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