Tri Training

For years, I’ve wanted to participate in the Beaver Freezer triathlon that is hosted on the OSU campus.  Not being much of a runner, and only owning a mountain bike, it seemed a little far-fetched.  Upon further contemplation, it also seemed like quite the masochistic endeavor.  Who seriously signs up to swim 500 yds (a distance I didn’t even dare swim in all my years of competitive racing), bike 12 miles and run 5k?  Something about it always seemed like a fun challenge though.  So, it’s stayed in the back of my mind.

This year, while examining my navel instead of going to the gym, I decided I need a competition. I’ve got to have a goal to train toward, otherwise I’m going to get awfully bored swimming laps with all the old ladies at Timberhill Athletic Club.  Fortunately, around the same time I decided this, I ran into Janine at Keith’s Heart of the Valley Running Club meeting.  She too wanted to try the Beaver Freezer, but her strength is running not swimming.  Voila!  Instant team.  No more excuses.

I borrowed a sweet racing bike from a friend, bought some padded bike shorts (cycling is weird) and signed our little team up for the triathlon.  Guess what?  I think we can kick some butt.  Of course, I don’t really know what I’m doing when it comes to bike racing.  Is that even what it’s called? My current plan is just to get on the bike and go really fast for 12 miles and hope I don’t face-plant on Walnut Blvd.    It’s a good thing that Janine kills it on the running course.  She’s going to have to be my saving grace.

Here is a video of me during “swim practice” at Timberhill yesterday.  I’ve never seen myself swim, so I had Keith record a little bit.  My backstroke technique clearly leaves a lot to be desired.  The best part is how I mis-count the strokes to the wall and quit swimming a few lengths early. It makes me laugh every time I watch it.  That’s Olympic material right there, baby!

So, if you want to see this hot action live and in-person, come cheer for us next Saturday (April 2) morning at the OSU campus. Whether or not you come, please pray that it doesn’t rain, because I’m a weenie.  Thanks.




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2 responses to “Tri Training

  1. Laurie Burke

    I think you are amazing and I wish I could “see this hot action live and in-person.” If you live through it, call me afterward and give me a “live” report!

  2. Yahoo! I can’t wait. I’ll be screaming my guts out for you. Maybe next year we can both race the whole thing. However, right now, if you see me trying to swim laps, you’d feel really good about yourself. The old ladies embarrass me.

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