Party Animals

We got our party on this weekend at the annual Halloween bash held at Tyler & Alicia’s sweet 19th century farmhouse.  How many people do you know who have a huge, empty Victorian house exclusively dedicated to throwing raging parties?  Not many, I’ll wager.  I look forward to telling their future children about the raucous parties, complete with rock bands and crowd-surfing, that occurred in what, by then, will probably be their well-decorated living room.

Keith went as the Greek mythological god Hermes.  His recent marathon-running exploits made this costume a no-brainer.  I was a lazy planner, so I just dressed myself as a random Greek goddess.  You should all be impressed with my mad skills — I got out the sewing machine on this one, and did a teensy bit of sewing.  I will admit that I did mentally thank my mother for f0rcing encouraging me to learn how to sew as a kid.  My crooked seams won’t win any contests, but I’m not too bad at making Halloween costumes.

Keith and I with our friends Ali & Fereshte

We had a great night, and even went to Shari’s for breakfast at 3 a.m. after the party.  Whoa boy, that was a late night for the farming-types.  The chickens still like to be fed at 7 a.m., dontcha know.  It was totally worth it though!  You’re only young once, right?   Thanks, Jones’, for throwing a great party!


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  1. That was super fun Halloween party! I can’t wait for to take my future kids down memory lane in my awesomely decorated future living room 🙂

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