A Lovely Fall Weekend

My little brother Ethan and his girlfriend Corina came to visit us last weekend.  I still like to call him my “little” brother, even though he’s at least half a foot taller than me and has been known to pick me up and body-slam me onto the couch. The term allows me to recall better days, when I could still pester him and make him cry.

It was a drizzly fall weekend…perfect for drinking steaming cups of coffee and pressing apples on a vintage cider press.  We got a little party of friends together, met up at our old farmer friend’s house and got busy pressing cider.

My pictures weren’t that awesome because I had it on the wrong setting on my iPhone.  (You know how complicated those iPhone cameras are.  Whoo boy.  Takes a college degree.)

All together, we made about 10 gallons of apple cider.  It’s incredibly delicious!  We’ve drank it fresh, canned it,  made mulled cider with cinnamon sticks, and we just started a batch of hard cider that should be ready sometime next century.

I stopped Emmie from herding cats for 5 seconds, so we could pose for a picture.  Is this Emmie’s first appearance on this blog?  I think so!    Everyone – meet our new farm dog, Emmie.  She’s a sweet Border Collie mix that we adopted from a rescue.  She loves to herd everything, especially chickens.  She loves people and will give you little kisses as soon as she meets you!

After pressing cider, we went out to the farm and loaded turkeys into our pickup to move them to the acreage at our house.  I’m not sure Grandad envisioned hauling turkeys down the highway when he built cattle racks on his pickup, but it worked perfectly.  It was definitely a spectacle though.  I try to hide my face when I drive through Philomath these days.  I’m usually hauling something strange!

We got the turkeys loaded up and then took advantage of a break in the rain to do some target practice with my .22.  Can I just say that I feel I’ve reached a wonderful (and very redneck) place in life now that I own:

  • a gun
  • a 4×4 pickup with a gun rack
  • an ATV
  • a Border Collie

It just makes me feel all satisfied inside, like at 26 I’ve got a lot of what I hoped for out of life.

I’ll leave you with a picture of me, the gun-toting-Redneck.    And a video of my little brother blowing the guts out of a piece of plywood.  Please note the sound of turkeys gobbling in the background.



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4 responses to “A Lovely Fall Weekend

  1. Heather

    You’re the most beautiful (and refined) redneck I’ve ever met.
    P.S. I’d love to shoot your gun next time we come down for a visit.

  2. Laurie Burke

    Awwww….my peeps!

    I loved reading this and LOVE you all and MISS you all SO much!


  3. aunt penny

    I love love love reading you blogs, and i’m So very happy for you and your redneck ways ! roots go way deep girl!

  4. Heiei Jensen

    Rachel & Keith – I just love catching up on your adventures. I love all the pictures, videos, and updates. It makes me happy to see your little farm success, and the wonderful smiles on your faces. Awesome to hear some local restaurants are serving your chicken meat!!! May God continue to bless your business and give you both wisdom in all these new things. You two make a fabulous team!

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