100% Organic Pink Flamingo Eggs

I would be remiss if I didn’t pass along the news that Afton Field Farm has 100% organic Flamingo eggs available today only.  These eggs are from pasture-raised Pink Flamingos and are the highest quality on the market.   They will go fast, so order yours today!

The flamingo hens are very healthy.  I checked on them myself.


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4 responses to “100% Organic Pink Flamingo Eggs



  2. Hahahahahaaaaaa!!!! That had to be the funniest, most clever, and awesomest April Fool’s joke that has been done to me! It was great having Tyler come into the house in the morning after collecting eggs and say ‘Look what I found in the next boxes…’ as he pulls pink eggs out of his pockets. ‘And there are pink flamingos prancing around with the layers! Whoever did this is awesome!’ Yes sir, they are 😉

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    • Roberta Donaldson

      Rachel and Keith,
      You two pulled off one of the funniest April Fools prank I’ve ever seen.
      Good work.
      Roberta (Alicia’s mom)

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