Farm Fashion

I have a beef with the manufacturers of farm clothing.

I realize that the average age of the Oregon farmer is 58 years old.  I further understand that most of those farmers are men. But hello, people!  There’s a new generation of farmers and ranchers and we are young.  Some of us are women. And we want to look good while digging fence post holes!

Now, obviously I can’t wear my Paige jeans to feed chickens.  But a quick search for work jeans brings up nothing but this sort of horror:

Mom Jeans

*Ah!  My eyes!*

And then there’s the size situation.  Unless you’re the size of an average logger, most work clothes just aren’t going to fit.  I love my Carhartt vest, but I’m swimming in a women’s size small!

Last, but not least, I direct you to the photo at the top of your screen.  You’re seeing that correctly. My “high-quality” leather gloves turn my hands neon orange when it rains.  The average rainfall in Corvallis is 45 inches a year.

This is going to be a problem.

In conclusion, if ya’ll know of any chic farmwear sources, leave a shoutout  in the comments.

I’m looking for something in between the following two styles:

I truly do love this!

Farm geek alert!



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6 responses to “Farm Fashion

  1. Laurie Burke

    Let’s just clarify that those are “mom jeans” and NOT “Mom’s jeans” !

    Subtle, yet BIG, difference! ; )

  2. Penny Dillavou

    yea, those are pretty bad.. so whats wrong with a pair of wranglers?

  3. Penny Dillavou

    oh and lots of farmers/ranchers here love “muck” boots. i got a pair of drk pink ones for christmas LOVE them… water proof and insulated

    • Yeah, Wranglers and Carhartts are honestly the best…that is true. You can beat them up and they last forever. Wrangler does have some pretty decent styles now.
      I didn’t know Muck boots came in colors…I love that idea!

  4. Oh yes, I have super cute lime green muck boots and my daughter’s are polka-dotted. They dress a pair of Carhart’s up nicely.

    I’m so glad you commented on my blog because I am excited to read about your farming adventures. That’s one of those dreams I’ll never realize (not a big fan of physical labor) so I can see how it goes for you!

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