Been Out Riding Fences

What do I do all day?  In the absence of posts about the farm, you are probably thinking I spend my time sitting around watching daytime television.  But you’d be sorely mistaken, my friend.

Based on the fact that it is now January 26th and I need to get some large ruminants by springtime, I have been working feverishly to get my pasture ready.  A woman cannot survive on chickens alone.

I wrote a while ago about the terrible state of the fence in the pasture I’m leasing.  I worked out a deal with the owner of the property that goes as follows:  she fronts the cold hard cash for new fence.  I provide the sweat and blood to put it in.  Great deal.

The only problem is that that before you install new fence, you must first remove the old fence.  And that, my friends, is what I’ve been doing all day.

As exhibited in the following photo, the person who installed the old fence was smoking crack.

How NOT to build a fence

Would you like to hear another fun story?

The fence is in what some would quaintly call a “hedgerow”.  I call it a damned forest that has grown through the field fence…a forest of spiky hawthorn trees and blackberry briars that I must cut down with my hedge clippers and my little saw.

the hedgerow

The whole project is a freaking blast. Especially in January when it alternately rains and pours.

There are a few moments when it’s all totally worth it though.

Today the sun came back out after a short rainshower, and I looked up from my work to see two things:


1) The pot of gold is in my hedgerow

2) The spots where my chickens were parked in the fall have turned into lush green polka-dots of grass.

There is yet hope for this farm.


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3 responses to “Been Out Riding Fences

  1. Laurie Burke

    I must be a crackhead I’ve decided because I can’t see what was wrong with that one fence. But then again, I use duct tape in a similar manner….for everything! ; )

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