And the Silver Medal Goes To…

Yesterday’s trip down memory lane reminded me of a D.R.-related item that was buried in my childhood memory box in the garage.  So, today I opened up the box and dug in.  I found what I was looking for, but I also came across hundreds of really great things I’ve saved since I was a kid.

Some of it’s super embarassaing.  Some of it’s hilarious.  Some of it’s just a straight-up testament to what a little geek I was. Maybe I’ll share some journal pages on here one of these days, just for laughs.

Here’s something really great though.  Good ol’ hometown newspapers.

This is a clipping from a newspaper article entitled: “Lady Tigers get quick start with win in season opener”.   Dated December 6, 2000…my senior year of high school.  Keep in mind that I hadn’t swam competitively since I was in middle school.  With more practice, I’d definitely have gotten 1th as opposed to 2th.

hooray for 2th place!

Isn’t that special?

Here’s a picture of me coming off the starting blocks, on my way to take 2th place.

I'm the 2th Taft swimmer from the camera

Go Tigers!  Go Lincoln City News Guard!

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