Kung Fu Family

I’m just going to skip right over Christmas and all that holiday stuff and go straight to the good stuff.  We all decorated trees, hung out with family and opened presents, so I’m sure you don’t need a recap of my experience doing such things.

First off, I’m excited to announce that I starred in my first film recently.  It is a Kung Fu movie set on the scenic Oregon Coast, produced by Corina Warner and directed and filmed by none other than my own award-winning cinematographer-brother Ethan Burke.  My supporting cast is:

Keith Prickett — Evil Villain

Corina Warner — Passerby #1

Andrew Jones — Passerby #2

Love-a-lot Carebear — as herself

I’ll be sure to mention them all when I receive my Oscar.    When the film is released you will all be treated to a special viewing right here.  Parental guidance is strongly suggested, as most of the scenes involve the Evil Villain being hurled off ledges by yours truly.

In other, more local news, Keith and I picked a crisp, wintery day last week to take a hike into the Corvallis foothills.

cheesy smiles

On the way, we saw some curious things.  Things, I would argue, one only sees in the vicinity of Corvallis, Oregon.

trees with number tags

Literally every tree had a number. I’m positive this could somehow be helpful if you were to become lost in the woods.

mountain-biking unicyclist

As I said.  Only in Corvallis.


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2 responses to “Kung Fu Family

  1. Laurie Burke

    I am so offended.

    I was also scripted into this film (but have been left out of the credits, I see).

    Never fear! The White Witch will strike back! Beware Care Bear!!!

  2. You didn’t act in the film, Mom. The director said you’ll be in the sequel. Sorry, but it’s true.

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