It’s been all kinds of busy on the farm this week.  Keith and I purchased all the lumber and supplies for building the chicken coops, and set to work cutting and framing.


It’s been so much fun!  I like construction – it’s so satisfying to measure, cut and nail things together.

using the chop saw to cut lumber

using the chop saw to cut lumber

It’s been an educational week.  I’ve learned to draw up building plans, something Keith is really good at, being an Engineer and all.  I figured out how to use a chop saw to cut the lumber down to size.  Then, with the help of our good friends Brian and Rob,  I learned to frame walls and roofs.

early morning framing

early morning framing

We’ve been getting up early and hitting the fields as soon as the sun comes up, so we can get a lot done before it gets too hot and before Keith has to go to work at his “real job”!

Firmware Engineer/Construction Worker Man

Firmware Engineer/Construction Worker Man

Almost done!

Almost done with the walls!

Soon we will be finished with some welding projects on the trailers and then the building will go up.   I’ll be posting more pictures of our progress soon, so stay with me.


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6 responses to “Construction

  1. Laurie Burke

    Very, very impressive–both of you! I wanna be there helping too!!!

  2. Carly

    You guys are the most amazing duo! I too wish I could help out. I’m not sure what I’d do, but I wish I was near to cheer on nonetheless!

  3. Jim Adams

    That’s cool. A lot of Depression-era chicken coops eventually were remodeled into homes! So you might as well plumb and wire it while you’re at it, and maybe a jacuzzi for the chickens?

  4. Kate

    Yay! Looks like you guys are having fun! I need to swing by and see how the first one looks with all the sides put up. Brian mentioned that you had a name for one of the coops. I have a random name for the other one (ok, it really is dumb, but why not just call it Chick Inn…or Chic Inn). Haha =)

  5. You two are awesome! I am so excited for you and I look forward to seeing everything you’ve done. It was so great talking to you today. Thanks for calling.
    Love you,

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