Boot Scootin’

This spring I had the good fortune of stumbling across a blog that has ruined me forever.  It’s written by an Oklahoma ranch wife, Ree Drummond and profiles the good times to be had by a city-girl-turned-rancher.   Her exceedingly good taste results in frequent giveaway contests of things I cannot live without.

This wonderful site led me to the discovery of Lucchese cowboy boots, and my life will never be the same.

Ohhhh these boots are beautiful.  I can almost smell the hand-crafted leather.


Now THAT is a cowgirl boot.  Mmmhmmmm.

And this one.  Oh momma.


I drool all over the Lucchese website.  It is not becoming.

I need these ones for pairing with a dress and going out dancing.  Close your eyes and picture it with me. It’s a beautiful thing.


One more, for those days I just wanna have fun.


Yep.  I think I like ’em.  I would not cry if anyone were to buy them for me for Christmas. (I wear a size 7.5)

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