Right on Time and Farming Like a Pro

My heart is full.

I’m snuggled up in sweats, with a cup of coffee in hand, watching the Westerly wind bring Autumn to my back porch.  And my heart is full of joy, because I’m doing what I have always wanted to do.

If you’ve never had this feeling, I highly recommend it.   I am a large-scale dreamer, but even I have put some of my aspirations on the back burner for myriad reasons.  I am forever thankful that I’ve got the chance to take those dreams off the shelf and put them on the fast-track into reality.   I’ve never felt so consummately happy as I do these days.   There is no better feeling than knowing you’re living your dreams, not someone else’s.

My purpose in blogging today is to bring ya’ll up to speed on the state of Project Start a Farm.   [Not just to wax poetic about the state of my emotions, though I’m sure you all find such things highly interesting].

First off,  despite being asked every day, I have not yet decided on a name for the farm.  Your input is welcome.   If you come up with a good farm name, I’ll give you….um….a free filet mignon.

Item of interest number two.  I have leased 45 acres of prime pasture land between Corvallis and Philomath!  I am speaking prophetically, as the land will be prime pasture land…just give me a year or two of good grazing practices.   I’m ecstatic to have my “own land” and I can’t wait to get animals on it.

888587_clip_art_chicken_2This winter, we’ll have chickens on the farm.  Get your egg cartons ready:  I’ve ordered 500 hens to be delivered in October.  I have got some Portland chefs already asking for my eggs.  Talk about a fast-track to reality!  Yikes!

Don’t worry, Steak-Eaters.  We’ll be getting cattle in the spring, just about the time Oregon rains are turning that brown grass into lush, green forage.  I’m looking forward to filling your freezers next fall!

This week, Keith and I (with the help of our excellent friends, Tyler and Alicia, who have more useful hauling equipment than we) will be making our way to Eugene to pick up a couple of old trailers.

Exhibit 1a

Exhibit 1a

Exhibit 1b

Exhibit 1b

These funky looking trailers will be the bases of my movable chicken coops.  [Eggmobiles, if you’re a Joel Salatin disciple].  With a little engineering, they will soon house 500 chickens at night.   During the daytime, my birds will be free to run around the pasture scratching up bugs.


This is kind of what the chicken coops will look like.  Say it with me, “That contraption looks ridiculous”.   But it’s a groovy little setup for fertilizing the pasture, minimal work for yours truly, and it should work quite nicely.
Stay tuned for pictures of the building process…


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4 responses to “Right on Time and Farming Like a Pro

  1. Laurie Burke

    I am SO happy for you!!! 😀

    And….I love reading your posts!!

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  3. Based on the title of this post, I gotta know – did you ever play “The Farming Game” as a kid?

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