Caipirinhas Are Calling Your Name

Allow me to introduce you to my favorite drink.


I was first introduced to the Caipirinha at sidewalk dessert fondue place, near the hotel in NYC where my mom and I stayed in 2007.

I didn’t know how to pronounce Caipirinha at the time, but I knew I liked it.

Love at first sight.

BFFs forever.

Me and the Caipirinha.

I think everyone in the world should enjoy Caipirinhas.  Thanks Brazil, for sharing.

Here ya go:


Assemble your ingredients.

You’ll need:

A bottle of  Cachaça (pronounched Ka-Sha-Sa), a Brazilian liquor similar to white rum

Superfine sugar

Tahitian limes

Crushed ice

Frosted glass

Cocktail shaker


Step One: Cut the lime in half and cut out the pith.  I used Mexican limes, but in my experience, the rounder Tahitian limes are better in this drink.


Step Two: Flip the lime over and slice it lengthwise, like a little armadillo


Step Three: Throw the limes in the glass and add two tablespoons of superfine sugar.


Step Four: With a pestle or the butt end of a wooden spoon, muddle the sugar and the limes together.


Step Five:  After the limes (and you) are thoroughly muddled, fill the glass with ice.  Then add two 1 oz shots of Chachaça to the mix.


Step Six: Slide the cocktail shaker over the glass, and shake it thoroughly.

Step Seven:  Get it all back into the glass, turn up the samba music, and relax!


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