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Walking in Memphis

We just got back from a 5 day trip to Memphis to see mi madre.

She likes to do little things in her spare time, like get her Masters degree.

Congratulations Mom!

Congratulations Mom!

We did 1,000,000,000,001 fun things while in The River City.  Most importantly, we ate lots of BBQ ribs and fried food.

The best was going out on Beale Street on Wednesday night, to hear the B.B. King All Stars play.

B.B. Kings Club on Beale Street

B.B. Kings Club on Beale Street

My two handsome guys had me out on the dance floor all night long.  Turns out my little brother has many extraordinary talents, not the least of which is night-club dancing.

Making Ethan look good

Making Ethan look good

My family is so great.   I love ’em.


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My sister and brother-in-law have a dog with an unhealthy obsession. Kiefer is crazy about tennis balls.

See, he looks like a relatively normal dachshund.

He will run after that tennis ball for as long as you can stand to chuck it.

But, please.  Never chuck it into the hedge.  Or into the neighbor’s yard.   Or anywhere that Kiefer can’t access it.

Because the obsession will take hold and Kiefer will pine for that ball like it was the last tennis ball on the planet.


Case in point:  last time we had a BBQ at Danae and Andrew’s house, someone unwittingly threw the tennis ball into the arborvitae.

Bad, bad, bad idea.

Kiefer required 4 people to search high and low through the bushes to find the ball.

See him hopping around encouragingly?  Obsessed, I tell you.


We tried offering the Kiefer another ball, but he would have none of it.  He only wanted The Lost Tennis Ball.  Even the neighbor on the other side of the hedge came out to help look for the ball.

It took about a half hour to find it.  Danae and Andrew are really patient people.

I think they will get an extra jewel in their crowns in heaven for having to search through spiderwebs in the arborvitae for a  tennis ball.


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Caipirinhas Are Calling Your Name

Allow me to introduce you to my favorite drink.


I was first introduced to the Caipirinha at sidewalk dessert fondue place, near the hotel in NYC where my mom and I stayed in 2007.

I didn’t know how to pronounce Caipirinha at the time, but I knew I liked it.

Love at first sight.

BFFs forever.

Me and the Caipirinha.

I think everyone in the world should enjoy Caipirinhas.  Thanks Brazil, for sharing.

Here ya go:


Assemble your ingredients.

You’ll need:

A bottle of  Cachaça (pronounched Ka-Sha-Sa), a Brazilian liquor similar to white rum

Superfine sugar

Tahitian limes

Crushed ice

Frosted glass

Cocktail shaker


Step One: Cut the lime in half and cut out the pith.  I used Mexican limes, but in my experience, the rounder Tahitian limes are better in this drink.


Step Two: Flip the lime over and slice it lengthwise, like a little armadillo


Step Three: Throw the limes in the glass and add two tablespoons of superfine sugar.


Step Four: With a pestle or the butt end of a wooden spoon, muddle the sugar and the limes together.


Step Five:  After the limes (and you) are thoroughly muddled, fill the glass with ice.  Then add two 1 oz shots of Chachaça to the mix.


Step Six: Slide the cocktail shaker over the glass, and shake it thoroughly.

Step Seven:  Get it all back into the glass, turn up the samba music, and relax!

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