Good Neighbors

As we start out on this unconventional farming adventure, our friends Josh and Cara loaned us their DVD set of Good Neighbors.   Keith and I started out being mildly amused by this 1970’s British sitcom, but as the episodes progress we are dying of laughter every night.


Last night we came home from small group, poured ourselves a glass of Pinot Noir and a big bowl of potato chips (disgusting pairing – I wouldn’t recommend it), and watched Good Neighbors til way past our bedtime.

Bottom line:  if you haven’t seen this show, you’ve got to get it now!  It’s the story of Tom and Barbara Good, who quit their corporate jobs and abandon their upper middle-class London suburb lifestyle in favor of a self-sufficient farm in their backyard.  They till up their front lawn and back yard,  plant vegetables and buy pigs, goats, chickens.  Their neighbors, Jerry and Margot Leadbetter are terribly uppity snobs who think the Good’s have gone crazy and stop at nothing to tell them so.  The best part is that the farming lifestyle is depicted fairly realistically, with Tom and Barbara struggling to market their crops and make their own electricity.  It’s not all peaches and roses on the Good Farm.  The relationships between the four characters are  exquisite, and the actors are marvelous.  Every other line is hysterically funny.  If you like Friends, or The Office, you’ll be a fan of Good Neighbors.



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4 responses to “Good Neighbors

  1. Laurie

    OK, then….I’ll expect to be treated to the “Goods” this time next week!!

  2. Danae

    isn’t that keiths grandparents names?

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