Mandatory Vaycayshun

The good folks at Marvell Semiconductor have instituted a few cost-cutting measures this year because of These Economic Times.  Besides pay cuts, business travel freezes and all that fun stuff, this involves 2 weeks of mandatory, unpaid vacation in 2009.  For the Pricketts mandatory vacation = ROAD TRIP!

We are packing bags and heading out this afternoon to:

1. Grandma’s house


2. Carly’s house in San Francisco


3. Yosemite


4. Mammoth Lakes, CA


5. Red’s Meadow Pack Station


6.  Backpack to Thousand Island Lake in the High Sierras


7.  Backpack to Garnet Lake


8. Backpack to Ruby Lake

ruby lake

9. Backpack to Shadow Lake

Shadow Lake

10. Backpack to Lake Ediza


11.  Spend Independence Day in CA, and see the fireworks at Crowley Lake with the Red’s Meadow gang

Crowley Lake

12. Drive home


13. Nurse the frostbite we are sure to have sustained while camping at 10,000 feet elevation.

14. Plan next adventure.



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5 responses to “Mandatory Vaycayshun

  1. Laurie

    I am SO jealous!! Stop talking about taking me along–TAKE ME, TAKE ME!!!

    • Mack

      Well what ashamed, u had to take a vacation. I hope to get to take a nice one next year, to the down under in Adelaide, AU to visit Bridgitte and Ben Forrest. Bridgitte is already down there working and Ben will be following sometime later this year. He has the awesome task of selling a house and 2 vehicles. One is a Tahoe and the other is a BMW 5 series with 5 speed manual. It will fly. He loves driving it and took on a Vette and beat it the other day. You wanna buy one of those nice vehicles? He has fine tuned the Tahoe to give him better mileage than EPA estimates on it when it was new. The BMW gets in high 20’s. He make u very good deal.

  2. Dave Edwards & Group

    We will see you on the trail. We have 15 people, I am sure you will remember if you pass us (8 crazy kids along).

  3. Heather Overby

    Have a great time and give me a call when you return!
    Love you!!!

  4. I remember all these lakes. All of ’em. cerca 1970.
    Too Beautiful1

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