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Mandatory Vaycayshun

The good folks at Marvell Semiconductor have instituted a few cost-cutting measures this year because of These Economic Times.  Besides pay cuts, business travel freezes and all that fun stuff, this involves 2 weeks of mandatory, unpaid vacation in 2009.  For the Pricketts mandatory vacation = ROAD TRIP!

We are packing bags and heading out this afternoon to:

1. Grandma’s house


2. Carly’s house in San Francisco


3. Yosemite


4. Mammoth Lakes, CA


5. Red’s Meadow Pack Station


6.  Backpack to Thousand Island Lake in the High Sierras


7.  Backpack to Garnet Lake


8. Backpack to Ruby Lake

ruby lake

9. Backpack to Shadow Lake

Shadow Lake

10. Backpack to Lake Ediza


11.  Spend Independence Day in CA, and see the fireworks at Crowley Lake with the Red’s Meadow gang

Crowley Lake

12. Drive home


13. Nurse the frostbite we are sure to have sustained while camping at 10,000 feet elevation.

14. Plan next adventure.



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Red’s Meadow

I’ve been going through some old photos of my college days and found some pictures of the summer I worked at Red’s Meadow Pack Station in Mammoth Lakes, California.

My friends are heading down there this week to start the summer at Red’s.  I look forward to seeing photos of all their adventures and hearing the stories that are sure to abound.   Keith and I are planning a backpacking trip to the High Sierras over the 4th of July, so maybe we’ll see them all soon!

Here’s a shot of me on the way to Ediza Lake, packing supplies in for a group of artists.


Mariah, Savannah and I goofing around on the big, gentle draft-cross horses.


A mule named “Head”.  Can you see why?!


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