I’ve Been Everywhere, Man


Project Start-a-Farm is looking for land.   Those of you who know me well will be quite impressed with my daring.  I’ve been driving around  the Western and Southwestern Corvallis countryside, scoping out pasture land and knocking on doors. You heard me right…I said knocking on doors.   The bravery of it astounds even me.

So far, I’ve talked to a lot of landowners including some really ancient old farmers.  They generally cock their head and wonder aloud “isn’t there some other type of business you’d rather get into than FARMING?!”  I keep plowing ahead.  I’ve got a few people who might be interested in leasing me some acreage, but we’ll have to see what shakes out.

Today I hung up some “Pasture Land Wanted” signs in small town taverns.  That was so awesome I did a little dance.


Yes, I know it’s tacky.  But I was all the way in freaking Alpine when I got the idea, and I didn’t care for the idea of driving all the way home to print off a nice, professional sign.   Sharpie in the glovebox is what it’s all about, baby.


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2 responses to “I’ve Been Everywhere, Man

  1. Laurie

    That’s my girl! 🙂 (although I’d expect such behavior from my OTHER daughter–not the “easily mortified” one!)

    You go!

    (But….then again….the mother part of me says “Rachel, seriously (!) don’t you know it’s dangerous knocking on the doors of strangers?!?” (And, where’s that “protective” husband of yours, anyway??!!)

  2. Danae

    Don’t worry mom, she was knocking on doors in OREGON….Not WASHINGTON where its wild and crazy out there…

    what are you willing to trade for land? because if its work, it seems like you’ll have your hands full…

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