Free Stuff

I’ve been on Craigslist a lot lately, looking for various farm-related things.  I recently discovered the Craigslist “Free Stuff” category.   I’m sure Danae gleans hours of entertainment from this category on a daily basis, but I’m a little behind the times.

I am just cracking up at some of the freebies people are posting on this site.  Here’s a smattering:

Toilet Handles

Toilet Handles

Needing something a little more “ergonomic” and “comfortable” attached to your potty?  Look no further



This guy will give you a 1/2 pound of copper pennies if you take his junk in a “free-for-all” that he’s throwing.   Um, good deal??

Pea Crab

Pea Crab

Someone is SE Portland found some little pea crabs inside his gaper clams.  Common occurance.  But he’s willing to give them to you for free because “in short they need a some luck”.   What a bleeding heart.


That look on the Gerber baby’s face will be one of horror when you feed it the expired baby food this person is trying to pawn off on clueless mothers.   But it was free!!

crappy x-mas tree

crappy x-mas tree

Ok, last one.  This person has a Crappy X-Mas Tree that you can have for free.  I would never hire him for sales and marketing, that’s fo’ sho’.

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