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Proof exists:  I am not the only person willing to abandon an uninspiring, vaguely ag-related job for crazy farm-starting adventures. Unsurprisingly it is not difficult to find Animal Science majors sitting on their degrees thinking, “now what?”.  So, I may have convinced my friend Savannah to sail off into the wild unknown with me.   Details are still being worked out.

The real reason I asked Savannah to come work with me

The real reason I asked Savannah to come work with me

The first order of business yesterday was to walk all over the Oregon State Campus (fine grazing land in the MU Quad, by the way) following Extension Office rabbit trails.  We were looking for platte maps or aerial maps of Benton County, in order to locate available pasture land for potential lease.   Have you ever noticed how un-useful university offices are when it comes to anything really practical?  We were finally told to contact the NRCS in Tangent.  Have done.  Have not received a  return call.  Savannah will go bang on their door today on her lunch break, and see what she can find out.

There are so many decisions to be made before I can even buy one cow.  What kind of beef operation will we have?  Who will be our buyer?  How many cattle will we run?   The general consensus is that we will buy as many stocker cattle as we can this year  without going into debt.  If direct sales are simple, we’ll go that route, otherwise we’ll try to find someone to buy our feeder/finished steers at a premium for the grass-fed beef market.

Anybody want a side of beef?



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