Doing Something With My Life

This is for everyone who wonders what I’m doing with my life since I no longer have a J-O-B.  Mostly I just sit around and watch the rain come down.  But occasionally I come up with a brilliant idea and then I sit around and think about it while I watch the rain come down.

This is Project Start a Farm.  (Also known as Project I Guess I Should Use that $75,000 Degree For Something).

The Office

The Office

The idea, thus far, is to lease some land and purchase stocker cattle (300-700 lb weaned calves) and maybe a few sheep for good time’s sake and maybe a couple chickens ’cause everyone knows how much I love poultry.   I’d graze the cattle and finish them and direct-market them as grass-fed beef.  Maybe I’ll grow some turkeys too, for your Thanksgiving pleasure.


So…I think I’ll be in the market for a Ford Pickup and a couple cows pretty soon.


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