Hot hot hot

And I do mean my man.  Here’s a shot of him working the fields, getting them ready for spring planting.


And a couple more, because he is such a good-looking farmer that I couldn’t stop at one picture.

4-18-09-023 4-18-09-024

Here’s what I was doing while he was farming…


…yep, that’s right.  I couldn’t let this rare April heatwave go to waste.

I redeemed myself later on though, by bringing him liberal amounts of cold water with fresh lime slices.  And I also made a big batch of killer cinnamon rolls.

I’m actually very impressed by the fact that those cinnamon rolls turned out so well,  as past attemps have not been so praise-worthy.   Do I smell Cinnabon-Franchise-Ownership in my future?  I don’t think my mom would even regret the waste of my college education if I opened a Cinnabon, that’s how much she loves cinnamon rolls.   Mmm yummy.  I ate the whole batch (with help…geez people!) and just writing this is already making me crave more.

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One response to “Hot hot hot

  1. Laurie

    You’re right–Cinnabon ownership is a very wholesome and worthwhile career goal with which to aspire! Having a bachelor’s in the science of cinnamon roll making sounds VERY scholarly to me!

    My mouth is watering already……

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