Life and Lost

Lost:  come on producers…don’t you think we can tell when you film “Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic” on Oahu?  At least you skipped the Mexican-accented Spanish this time.

My Life:  This morning I had biscuits and gravy for breakfast with Danae and Ethan and we went vintage-browsing in Albany.  Then I drove to Eugene and took my Osprey backpack to REI for help.  Turns out its problems are easily solvable and there should be no more bruised hipbones in my future.   On the downside, it means I probably won’t buy that hot little number I’ve been eyeing anytime soon.

When I got too tired from my rotten headcold, I headed back to Albany and watched movies at Danae’s.  And…I’ve pretty much been on the couch ever since (though I have changed locations).  Sinus headaches blow.  That is all I have to say about that business.

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