One Good Man

The news is saturated with stories about selfishness:  the AIG bonus scandal, Bernie Madoff, murders in Oakland, the list goes on.  That’s why I seized upon the one positive headline I spied on this afternoon.

You can read about Jorge Muñoz HERE.

This incredibly kind-hearted man is a Columbian immigrant who lives in Queens, NY and works as a bus driver.  He makes $700 a month, and spends at least $450 of that on feeding the homeless in his community.   Most of the men and women on the street in Queens are Latin American immigrants, trying to make it in the harsh neighborhoods of this “land of opportunity”.  Jorge and his family make homecooked rice and beans and hand the meal boxes out to the homeless every single day. He says that his reward is the smile on each of their faces when they receive their meal and cup of hot chocolate.  For many, it is their only meal of the day.

Jorge Muñoz

This story brought tears to my eyes.  He saw a need and didn’t think twice about sacrificing his time and hard-earned money to meet it.

I think a reader named David has a good point with his comment on the article:

“A great story followed by the AIG bonus story! such a difference in attitudes… wouldn’t it be great if those execs at AIG donated their bonus checks to help this guy!”

It’s an amusing idea, but let’s not pass the buck.  Everyone needs to be more generous, not just the Wall Street executives.   I’m blessed and inspired by what Jorge is doing in Queens, and I hope you are too.

Read more about Jorge’s outreach on this website:  An Angel in Queens


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