A Recession Garden

It’s not the 1940’s, but Michelle Obama is planting a modern-day Victory Garden. In a quote from the New York Times today, “(She) will begin digging up a patch of the South Lawn on Friday to plant a vegetable garden.”  For some reason, the part about digging up the White House lawn just kills me.

Evidently, this is not so much an attempt to economize (though current US budget deficit being what it is, the Obama’s should be the first to stick some spuds in the ground, if ya ask me) as it is a diet effort for porky little Sasha and Malia.

Keith feels a special kinship with Mrs. Obama, as he too dug up a “patch of  our South Lawn” for his raised-bed garden a few years ago.  As she will be planting a small patch of rhubarb, Keith emailed her a copy of our recipe for Rosemary-Lemon-Rhubarb Spritzer.  Maybe she can sip on it while she’s out there pulling weeds.

You too can dig up your lawn for a Recession Garden.  If you find that to be too time-consuming, at least contribute to the Economy Effort by throwing some of your spare change at the National Debt.   Here is the address where you can send your Gift to Reduce Debt Held by The Public.  *snicker*



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2 responses to “A Recession Garden

  1. Danae

    Well Obama is building a basketball court behind the white house, so they aren’t in too dire of straights….

  2. He said on Jay Leno that they are just going to get the roll in and out kind that you see on most coul-de-sacs. They are going to use the tennis court and just roll them, one on each side! Thrifty!

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