Southern Belles

I’m back in rainy ol’ Oregon, after a week-long, three city tour of the South.  Savannah and I hit the friendly skies last Friday, bound for Nashville, Memphis and Little Rock.  Let me just say – Nashville is incredible!  We decided that we have to go back ASAP!  We closed down the bars on Honky Tonk Row multiple nights, saw Josh Turner and Carrie Underwood perform at the Grand Ole Opry, toured the Country Music Hall of Fame, saw the Belle Meade plantation and ate our hearts out in the Loveless Cafe.

We spent the rest of the week in Memphis visiting Mom.  Highlights of the week included as much BBQ as we could stuff into our faces, the Peabody ducks that march down a red carpet into the hotel fountain every day, sticking my fingers in the Mississippi River, listening to blues on Beale Street and getting spa pedicures.

The last day we drove through Arkansas (aka Hillbilly Central — my apologies to any Arkansans.) Little Rock was a pleasant surprise though…it is a beautiful city.  We spent forever trying to locate the “little rock”…you would not BELIEVE how difficult it is to find!  Eventually we gave up, after interrogating at least five different Little Rock residents, including a former LRPD officer, who had no clue where the rock was.  Would you not think that the rock would be a reasonably  popular local attraction?   I can’t even find a picture of it online, which strongly suggests that it’s all a made up story designed to trick clueless tourists.

Long story short…we (I) gained 10 pounds and had a wonderful time in the South!  Here are some pictures to prove it!



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2 responses to “Southern Belles

  1. Danae

    you need to pick a blog and stick with it! confusing me!!
    and Savannah with straight hair!?!

  2. It is true what they say, southern women are beautiful!! 😉

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