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Life and Lost

Lost:  come on producers…don’t you think we can tell when you film “Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic” on Oahu?  At least you skipped the Mexican-accented Spanish this time.

My Life:  This morning I had biscuits and gravy for breakfast with Danae and Ethan and we went vintage-browsing in Albany.  Then I drove to Eugene and took my Osprey backpack to REI for help.  Turns out its problems are easily solvable and there should be no more bruised hipbones in my future.   On the downside, it means I probably won’t buy that hot little number I’ve been eyeing anytime soon.

When I got too tired from my rotten headcold, I headed back to Albany and watched movies at Danae’s.  And…I’ve pretty much been on the couch ever since (though I have changed locations).  Sinus headaches blow.  That is all I have to say about that business.


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One Good Man

The news is saturated with stories about selfishness:  the AIG bonus scandal, Bernie Madoff, murders in Oakland, the list goes on.  That’s why I seized upon the one positive headline I spied on this afternoon.

You can read about Jorge Muñoz HERE.

This incredibly kind-hearted man is a Columbian immigrant who lives in Queens, NY and works as a bus driver.  He makes $700 a month, and spends at least $450 of that on feeding the homeless in his community.   Most of the men and women on the street in Queens are Latin American immigrants, trying to make it in the harsh neighborhoods of this “land of opportunity”.  Jorge and his family make homecooked rice and beans and hand the meal boxes out to the homeless every single day. He says that his reward is the smile on each of their faces when they receive their meal and cup of hot chocolate.  For many, it is their only meal of the day.

Jorge Muñoz

This story brought tears to my eyes.  He saw a need and didn’t think twice about sacrificing his time and hard-earned money to meet it.

I think a reader named David has a good point with his comment on the article:

“A great story followed by the AIG bonus story! such a difference in attitudes… wouldn’t it be great if those execs at AIG donated their bonus checks to help this guy!”

It’s an amusing idea, but let’s not pass the buck.  Everyone needs to be more generous, not just the Wall Street executives.   I’m blessed and inspired by what Jorge is doing in Queens, and I hope you are too.

Read more about Jorge’s outreach on this website:  An Angel in Queens

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A Recession Garden

It’s not the 1940’s, but Michelle Obama is planting a modern-day Victory Garden. In a quote from the New York Times today, “(She) will begin digging up a patch of the South Lawn on Friday to plant a vegetable garden.”  For some reason, the part about digging up the White House lawn just kills me.

Evidently, this is not so much an attempt to economize (though current US budget deficit being what it is, the Obama’s should be the first to stick some spuds in the ground, if ya ask me) as it is a diet effort for porky little Sasha and Malia.

Keith feels a special kinship with Mrs. Obama, as he too dug up a “patch of  our South Lawn” for his raised-bed garden a few years ago.  As she will be planting a small patch of rhubarb, Keith emailed her a copy of our recipe for Rosemary-Lemon-Rhubarb Spritzer.  Maybe she can sip on it while she’s out there pulling weeds.

You too can dig up your lawn for a Recession Garden.  If you find that to be too time-consuming, at least contribute to the Economy Effort by throwing some of your spare change at the National Debt.   Here is the address where you can send your Gift to Reduce Debt Held by The Public.  *snicker*



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Beetle Juice

Should you ever travel to Africa, beware the mighty blister beetle.  I’m telling you this from first-hand experience.  Not that I have been to Africa recently (or ever, for that matter), but I did pay a trip to the doctor’s office this week.  Evidently there are two Doctor-Recommended manners of wart removal.

1.  Duct Tape.  (I would like to point out that I also received this information free of charge from Danae who is in no way a medical professional.)

2. Beetle Juice.

I chose the Beetle Juice.  I mean, really, who wouldn’t?  Dr. P duly painted my knee with Goop while charming me with details about African Blister Beetles. A couple hours later, I got the message loud and clear:  those puppies are potent. I am blogging to you with blisters the size of Whoppers on my knee.  I know, I know…probably more than you cared to know.  But it’s pretty fascinating to be honest.  Who knew a beetle could take my wart off?  History also shows that they’ve been used for centuries as an aphrodisiac but judging from my current Knee-Situation I would not recommend it.



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Southern Belles

I’m back in rainy ol’ Oregon, after a week-long, three city tour of the South.  Savannah and I hit the friendly skies last Friday, bound for Nashville, Memphis and Little Rock.  Let me just say – Nashville is incredible!  We decided that we have to go back ASAP!  We closed down the bars on Honky Tonk Row multiple nights, saw Josh Turner and Carrie Underwood perform at the Grand Ole Opry, toured the Country Music Hall of Fame, saw the Belle Meade plantation and ate our hearts out in the Loveless Cafe.

We spent the rest of the week in Memphis visiting Mom.  Highlights of the week included as much BBQ as we could stuff into our faces, the Peabody ducks that march down a red carpet into the hotel fountain every day, sticking my fingers in the Mississippi River, listening to blues on Beale Street and getting spa pedicures.

The last day we drove through Arkansas (aka Hillbilly Central — my apologies to any Arkansans.) Little Rock was a pleasant surprise though…it is a beautiful city.  We spent forever trying to locate the “little rock”…you would not BELIEVE how difficult it is to find!  Eventually we gave up, after interrogating at least five different Little Rock residents, including a former LRPD officer, who had no clue where the rock was.  Would you not think that the rock would be a reasonably  popular local attraction?   I can’t even find a picture of it online, which strongly suggests that it’s all a made up story designed to trick clueless tourists.

Long story short…we (I) gained 10 pounds and had a wonderful time in the South!  Here are some pictures to prove it!


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