Remember being a little kid and dancing all crazy to upbeat music? I have decided that as adults, sometimes we forget how to have spontaneous, silly fun. Maybe I’m just too seriously 99% of the time, but it sure feels good to be crazy once in a while!

That is why I love Zumba. It is a new class at our gym (and I hear it’s EVERYWHERE lately) set to latin music. The instructor is this nutty lady who is all about letting your “soul flow freely through your dance”, but she is hysterical and she makes me smile throughout the whole workout.

This video is kind of funny — no one at my gym shrieks like wild indians while they’re dancing, but I bet our hippy instructor wishes we would! Anyway, how could you NOT smile, with that music?! (edit: video no longer available.  Check Youtube.com for other videos of Zumba)

It’s a pretty good workout…I’m sweating pretty good by the end of it. Now, it’s no 5 mile run or anything, but it’s a great stress-reliever! I have some smokin’ merengue steps these days too, gracias a mis hermanos en la Republica Dominicana.


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  1. laurie burke

    Looks like fun to me!! And a great way to exercise on a cold day!

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