Noah Wasn’t PETA-friendly?

Because I’m in the food processing business and because I’m in quality assurance, I get these really uplifting FDA alerts in my email inbox every day about the latest food recalls. The scenario goes like this: I arrive at work, cup of coffee in hand, get started on my breakfast and open Outlook. I proceed to mow on my Frosted Mini Wheats while catching up on the latest news about pathogens in the peanut butter, the cheez-whiz with listeria contamination, botulism-laced fish (turns out you should make sure you gut the fish before you package it up). And then this. What the heck??

Three things of note:

  • Don’t eat those Elk tenderloins ya’ll bought last week at the Save-Mart.
  • This facility processes exotic animals
  • This facility is called Noah’s Ark Processors

Weird. That’s about all I have to say about that.

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