Police Beat

It’s official. I am a menace to society. I accidentally went 37 in a 25 mph zone. I PROMISE you I thought it was 35 mph there….the limit is 35 everywhere on Walnut Blvd except those two blocks. I even saw the cop and thought, “la de dah, I’m not speeding!” Wrong. Kiss those $145 goodbye, baby.

I never got a ticket before in my life. I was so embarrassed sitting there in my car with the police car flashing it’s lights behind me. I think that was quite enough punishment for me, don’t you think? Seriously.



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2 responses to “Police Beat

  1. laurie burke

    ha ha ha…oh that makes me LAUGH!
    I am embarrassed to say that as your mother I have all too often (over the course of my e-n-t-i-r-e life mind you) had the opportunity to experience the humiliation of sitting in the shadow of those lovely, twirling bright blue lights! And, always for the reason you describe. At least I’m consistent!!! And, I should also say in my defense that I’ve been in TN for 18mos and have not yet tested to see if any part of my OR experience differs state to state.

    I do feel for you, Rach–for someone as easily mortified as you are, this must have been a traumatizing experience. As for being a societal menace….is that part new?

    All in jest,

  2. Danae

    I am proudly the last remaining Burke with a clean record. Ha! who would have guessed….

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