Hungry Eyes

Yes Danae, I google-imaged this photo. Don’t be mad.

Yesterday, I was stopped by a coworker on my way to the kitchen to raid my Lunch Sack. My Lunch Sack is more like a Lunch Duffel Bag, but I’m getting ahead of myself. I must have had that crazy look in my eyes, because she cut our conversation short, and told everyone standing around, “Rachel is starving.”

When I came out of the kitchen with my snack in hand (first lunch, if you will) she goes, “Hey, what is that animal that can eat twice its weight in food everyday? That’s YOU.”

I have a bad reputation at work for being hungry all the time. One time I was so hungry, I accidentally ate my bosses lunch. I have yet to hear the last of that one.

So, Discovery Channel lesson for the day, kids: the hummingbird can eat twice its weight in food every day. Meet my mascot.


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2 responses to “Hungry Eyes

  1. laurie burke

    I need no reminders about how much you can eat or how often!!!

    I do, however, want reminders of when you add to your blog though since I am way too busy to remember to spontaneously check it and only just stumbled on it again because your sister (who actually does prompt me when she adds to hers!) prompted me with an email and through her blog I found my way to yours. OK, I know BAD MOM!! But….being a bad (and busy) mom is my reality…. 😉

    GREAT blog though!!!

    PS: Can I take partial credit for your great writing skills???!!

  2. Danae

    at least mom comments on your blog.

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