In the spirit of saving $$ to buy a house or some other such long-term investment (read practical grown-upness verging on boring), I decided we should probably not spend The Big Bucks on another international vacation this year. I mean, we’ve already been to Paris for 10 days, so how much more could one couple want? Although, whether or not that was a vacation is highly debatable, since I only saw the inside of the Metro and spent the rest of the time putting frozen berries in people’s grubby mitts at the tradeshow.

Enter, where my dreams have the potential (however slight) to become reality. I selected The United States and April and $300. And bada-boom-bada-bing: $299 tickets to Oahu.
Within 3.61 minutes I had it all plotted out and trail guidebooks checked out at the library. We could fly to Hawai’i, and backpack all over the island. Inexpensive? Check. Awesome? Check. Now we just need some hiker buddies. Anyone??
There is one hitch, and that is this: there aren’t many backpacking-length trails on Oahu. We’d probably have to camp and dayhike, or puddle jump to Kauai or the Big Island. (Yeah, I know…break my heart–but that sort of defeats the cheapness purpose). We’re still in the drawing board phase, but I really really really want to go!

I’ve just really been craving spam and eggs for breakfast…lol!

Danae – Please note that these excellent photos were taken by yours truly and in no way were googled and lifted from the web. Does that make you feel better?

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