Spicing Things Up

Back when Keith and I were first dating, we came up with The Spice. The Spice is what you’re doing when you randomly turn onto an unknown country back road when you’re driving home…and take the scenic route instead of going the normal way. It’s when you leave church on Sunday morning and say to each other, “Let’s go to Portland and go shopping at REI!” The Spice is going stomping in puddles in the rain, and splashing down soaked kiddie slides at the playground. The Spice is spontaneity and variety….the wonderful, exciting Spice of Life.

Last night Keith and I were watching 24. Halfway through the episode, we both looked at each other and said, “We need chocolate chip cookies!!” We jumped off the couch and in about 5 minutes (I kid you not – this may be a record for cookie making) we had whipped up the most delicious batch of cookie dough and thrown it in the oven. Hot, melty, chewy chocolate chip cookies and a good dose of Jack Bauer. Life doesn’t get much better than that. And that, my friends, is The Spice.



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3 responses to “Spicing Things Up

  1. Danae

    did you photo google “chocolate chip cookie”…. seriously… start taking your own photos. you’ll love it.

  2. Rachel

    I ate all the cookies before I could take a picture. You’re the one who wants to sell photos to stock photo sites…enabling people just like me.

  3. Danae

    did you BUY that photo?!

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