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Penning like the Pros

This Monday, Mariah, Savannah and I took the horses to the Albany Fair/Expo Center and tried our skills at team penning.

Since nobody has a clue what I’m talking about when I describe team penning, I’ll try to explain: It’s a cattle sorting competition. A team of three people on horseback ride into the herd of cattle in the arena. As they start, the announcer calls out a number from 1-6. The riders have to find the three cows with that number on their backs and sort them out from the rest of the herd. They have 90 seconds to do that and get them down to the other end of the arena and into a pen.

It’s a lot of fun to watch people compete when they know what they’re doing! There were some great riders and excellent horses there this week. The girls and I, however, were not so good at it. Granted our horses had never seen cows before…that is a little bit of a hurdle to overcome. We spent most of our 90 seconds trying to keep the horses from running away from the cattle! Next time we’ll do better…and there will be a next time. These cowgirls don’t quit!


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Hungry Eyes

Yes Danae, I google-imaged this photo. Don’t be mad.

Yesterday, I was stopped by a coworker on my way to the kitchen to raid my Lunch Sack. My Lunch Sack is more like a Lunch Duffel Bag, but I’m getting ahead of myself. I must have had that crazy look in my eyes, because she cut our conversation short, and told everyone standing around, “Rachel is starving.”

When I came out of the kitchen with my snack in hand (first lunch, if you will) she goes, “Hey, what is that animal that can eat twice its weight in food everyday? That’s YOU.”

I have a bad reputation at work for being hungry all the time. One time I was so hungry, I accidentally ate my bosses lunch. I have yet to hear the last of that one.

So, Discovery Channel lesson for the day, kids: the hummingbird can eat twice its weight in food every day. Meet my mascot.


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In the spirit of saving $$ to buy a house or some other such long-term investment (read practical grown-upness verging on boring), I decided we should probably not spend The Big Bucks on another international vacation this year. I mean, we’ve already been to Paris for 10 days, so how much more could one couple want? Although, whether or not that was a vacation is highly debatable, since I only saw the inside of the Metro and spent the rest of the time putting frozen berries in people’s grubby mitts at the tradeshow.

Enter, where my dreams have the potential (however slight) to become reality. I selected The United States and April and $300. And bada-boom-bada-bing: $299 tickets to Oahu.
Within 3.61 minutes I had it all plotted out and trail guidebooks checked out at the library. We could fly to Hawai’i, and backpack all over the island. Inexpensive? Check. Awesome? Check. Now we just need some hiker buddies. Anyone??
There is one hitch, and that is this: there aren’t many backpacking-length trails on Oahu. We’d probably have to camp and dayhike, or puddle jump to Kauai or the Big Island. (Yeah, I know…break my heart–but that sort of defeats the cheapness purpose). We’re still in the drawing board phase, but I really really really want to go!

I’ve just really been craving spam and eggs for breakfast…lol!

Danae – Please note that these excellent photos were taken by yours truly and in no way were googled and lifted from the web. Does that make you feel better?

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Spicing Things Up

Back when Keith and I were first dating, we came up with The Spice. The Spice is what you’re doing when you randomly turn onto an unknown country back road when you’re driving home…and take the scenic route instead of going the normal way. It’s when you leave church on Sunday morning and say to each other, “Let’s go to Portland and go shopping at REI!” The Spice is going stomping in puddles in the rain, and splashing down soaked kiddie slides at the playground. The Spice is spontaneity and variety….the wonderful, exciting Spice of Life.

Last night Keith and I were watching 24. Halfway through the episode, we both looked at each other and said, “We need chocolate chip cookies!!” We jumped off the couch and in about 5 minutes (I kid you not – this may be a record for cookie making) we had whipped up the most delicious batch of cookie dough and thrown it in the oven. Hot, melty, chewy chocolate chip cookies and a good dose of Jack Bauer. Life doesn’t get much better than that. And that, my friends, is The Spice.


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Puddle Stomping

New Years Day was rainy and grey. Keith and I couldn’t stand the idea of being stuck in the house all day, so we put on all our rain gear and went outside to stomp in puddles!

You can’t really tell how hard it was raining in these pictures. Good thing we were totally waterproofed.

We went to the playground, too. Slippery plastic slides and rain pants make a great combination. You can really pick up some speed!

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Going Gin

There aren’t many interesting card games that involve only two players. There’s what? War, Speed, Go Fish? Fun for maybe ten minutes, but not something that you want to sit around playing night after night.

A couple of days ago, I discovered Gin Rummy. This was actually probably an unfortunate occurrence for me, because I have turned out to be rather poor at it. I won about three games, and then Keith got the hang of it and he’s been Gin Rummy King (self-crowned) ever since. It’s a pretty good game though. The rules are here if you want to play it for yourself. The best part is, you can keep a running tally and play for days until one of you reaches a previously decided-upon score. At which point I will, without a doubt, owe Keith ice-cream.

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